Specific Provisions for these WM Almeria, Spain


The FIPJP reminds us about the regulations of the next Individual, Double and Mixed World Championships which will take place from May 2 to 5, 2019 in Almeria, Spain – see the specificities & program “read more”.

• A Federation may only present a maximum of 4 athletes – 2 women and 2 men – each of which can only participate in a maximum of two events.
The games are played in limited lanes. Jack and boules coming out of the frame are dead.
The qualifying games are played in 13 points or in limited time if this score is not reached by one team in 45 minutes for singles and 1 hour for doubles.
• The beginning and the end of the games are announced by a sound signal. The current end has to be completed and will be followed by one or two additional ends if no team has reached the score of 13.
• If it’s always egality at the end of the extra two ends, the teams still play a last end. During this end the jack can be moved but it is never dead; if it leaves the lane it’s placed back to the place where it was before leaving.
• A new end is considered started when the last boule of the previous end has been played. (And not when the jack is thrown !)
• The classification criteria after the qualifying rounds are, successively and in case of persistent equality:
1) The number of victories
2) The “Bucholz” points, ie the number of victories of all the opponents during the qualifying rounds
3) Points “Bucholz fine“, ie the total of Bucholz points of all the opponents in the qualifying rounds
4) The difference between points scored and points against

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